#YVRBloggers: Video Blogging and PR Panel

Posted on November 14, 2013

YVR Bloggers, a monthly networking opportunity for local Vancouver bloggers to get together and learn something new, featured video blogging and a PR panel for this month’s event on November 14, 2013, hosted at CoLabs in downtown Vancouver. Watch the entire event recording!

The keynote speaker was Josh Rimer – @JoshRimer, a YouTube and Vlogging Expert, who started making videos 5 years ago, hoping to be discovered by Hollywood. Now he’s now created a community of 16,000 subscribers with 7 million videos views.  So why do we need videos?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – You need your webpage to show up high on Google results
    • Only 6% of people check the second page of Google results
    • Properly optimized video has a 50 times higher chance of showing up on Google
    • The video thumbnail shows up on Google results too, helping your page stand out
  • Get on the second biggest search engine, YouTube!
    • You can’t rank in YouTube search results if you don’t have any videos uploaded!
  • Shareability – People love watching videos and sharing videos
    • Better chance of a video going viral than a blog post going viral
    • Users prefer watching videos within the same social media platform, instead of leaving to another webpage for blog posts
  • Engagement!
    • Great way to create an emotional connection with your audience
    • Humanizes the brand
    • Allows people to recognize you (your face, personality and brand)
    • Video is the next best thing to being with them in real life
  • Video can be just as fast to make as a blog post if you keep it simple
    • You can use any camera that takes video – even smartphones
  • Good for people’s attention spans online
    • Easier to explain complicated concepts in video than blog post

For the panel, they brought together some great Vancouver PR experts to share their insights on how bloggers can approach and work with PR companies to grow their blog.

Here’s what I learned:

  • The audience you can reach with your blog is more important than the numbers (ex. your monthly page views). Unless you’re asking for something worth $10,000 for free – then you should have the numbers to back up the ask.
  • The most important thing PR companies are looking for is if your blog is the right fit for their client and if you’re engaging your audience. Quality is better than quantity.
  • Look legitimate and don’t downplay yourself. If you’re confident in your brand, they will be too.
  • Be easy to work with – hustle, provide creative ideas, and give them your best effort.
  • Be prepared with a concise one-page media kit and have additional information ready if they ask for it.
  • Provide graphs, charts and analytics on your blog in your media kit! They want to hear the numbers and the more you can provide them, the easier you make it for them.
  • Don’t be afraid to approach the PR people with creative ideas and tell them what you’re interested in because they can’t find all bloggers themselves (even though they’re great at stalking)!

If you’re interested in attending future #YVRBlogger events, visit the website and join the YVRBloggers Facebook Group!

And here are some tweets as a recap of what we learned last night!

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