Weaved Halter Racerback Tank Top

Posted on December 24, 2013

Since it’s December and 2013 is coming to a end I like to reflect back on the year on what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve done. One of my biggest things is getting back into YouTube and now I’m making regular videos again – one every week! So I thought it’d be nice to cut up my YouTube t-shirt – it was a gift from a YouTube friend, Darrell, he makes videos on car tutorials! If you need to know how to fix a car, check out his channel, Nukem384.

So I’m going to show you guys how to turn this medium sized t-shirt made of 100% cotton into a halter look in the front and racerback in the back with a thin strap that’s weaved all the way to the bottom.

I have the photo that inspired this tutorial on my Cut Up Tees Facebook Page if you want to see it. Use a t-shirt that’s fitted so it doesn’t come out too baggy because you don’t want everything moving around too much. You’ll have to wear a bikini, sports bra, tank top or bandeau under it.



Step 1: Do a double weave on the back of the t-shirt

The first thing you’ll want to do is fold the back of the t-shirt in half. Make sure you separate the front and the back of the t-shirt before folding so you don’t cut the front.

Leave 1.5 inches of space at the top below the collar before you start cutting. Then start cutting 1 inch cuts into the t-shirt that slowly get wider until you reach the bottom of the t-shirt with 2.5 inch deep cuts. Then I stretched out the strips and weaved the strips twice to check to see how it looks.

I realized that my original cuts weren’t wide enough so I had to go back and cut the strips deeper. No shame in going back to fix something! I originally cut 0.5 to 2 inch deep slits but after weaving the them twice, it turned out to be too scrunched and too narrow so I went back to cut the strips deeper. So I recommend 1 inch to 2.5 inch cuts.

Now you need to weave the strips twice, I did a regular tornado weave. If you need a tutorial for weaving, take a look at my Weaving 101 video and just refer to the first half of the video. The video will show you how to secure the bottom permanently but I always use a safety pin to pin the bottom strip when I haven’t confirmed that everything looks good and I’ve tried on the t-shirt.

So here’s how the t-shirt looks now with a double weave down the middle. While wearing the t-shirt, put a small pin just above your waist in the back. This is where I marked the lowest spot to cut the back of the t-shirt, although you can choose to make this spot higher or lower. Just remember that once you stretch out the fabric edges, it will become lower and baggier than you expect.

cut-tshirt-up-tees-salina-siu-salinabear-halter-racerback-weave-laddering-tank-top-tornado-youtube-13 copy 2


Step 2: Cut the back into a racerback

Cut off the sleeves with a slanted straight line to create a halter top look and cut out around the collar. Cut a teardrop shape on the back to create a racerback look using the safety pin as a marker for the lowest point. It’s important to make the middle racerback strap thin so it looks delicate but make sure you don’t cut too close to the weaving because you don’t want them to rip. Once you cut out one side, lay the cut out fabric on the other side to trace the shape so you can keep things symmetrical. Stretch out the fabric edges to roll them.

Next, cut off a rectangular strip of fabric from the leftover fabric to wrap around the top of the weave. Hiding this part makes the shirt look more polished. Wrap the fabric tightly around a few times and then stick the end of the fabric back into the layers twice so it goes up and down into the layers. If you have a hard time sticking the fabric end back into the layers, attached a safety pin to the end. This will make it easier to push up through the layers. Snip off any excess fabric at the end and you can choose to secure with needle and thread.

cut-tshirt-up-tees-salina-siu-salinabear-halter-racerback-weave-laddering-tank-top-tornado-youtube-18 copy


If the look is too baggy for you, you can decide to tighten the sides with the technique in my last week’s video, “Side Scrunch & Snowflake T-Shirt Tutorial“. And last week I mentioned I started a community for sharing photos, tutorials and questions for all things related to cut up tees so thank you to those who started following me on Twitter and Facebook! If you haven’t yet, check it out Facebook.com/CutUpTees and Twitter.com/CutUpTees. Also, I’m curious, what platform do you love engaging on the most? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram? Let me know in the comments below! I’m so excited that Christmas is just a few days away and of course – Boxing Day! I love shopping. Where are you guys planning to go for Boxing Day shopping? I haven’t researched on which stores have the best sales yet so please share if you know! I’ll do a haul  video after boxing day to show you guys what I got.

Until next Tuesday! Happy Holidays everyone!

And here’s all the steps in one image:


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  1. snoopy October 3, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    Super talented. Wish I could give u all my clothes just to see what u’d come up with!

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