Impact99 HR Summit 2012

Posted on October 22, 2012

I had the opportunity to attend and volunteer for Impact99 HR Summit 2012 and the day was packed with insightful knowledge.

I supported their social media tasks, such as:

  • Scheduling tweets before the event
  • Posting event updates throughout the day
  • Taking photos with Instagram and posting online
  • Engaging with the community during the event

The event was focused around how leaders in human resources could engage and deepen relationships with employees and potential customers. There were many discussions around implementing and maintaining social strategies to maximize results. Organizations need to be prepared to listen, adapt and structure content so that it is relevant to their audience.

Integrate social media into the workplace, not on top of it.

Key takeaways

  • Ask yourself if it is worth your stakeholders’ time to read whatever it is you’re about to post and whether or not it satisfies their needs.
  • Humanize the brand. Social media can’t sound like PR, just blasting out messages.
  • Own up to mistakes. Being authentic and transparent is part of humanizing the brand, so if you make a mistake, just be honest about it.
  • Educate employees about your company’s brand values and get them involved with engaging the community through social media too.
  • Break down silos by taking advantage of social media’s tendencies to foster collaboration,  questions, learning, and support within the community.
  • Improve your product or service if you’re receiving negative sentiment online. That is a product and brand management issue, not a social media issue. And that conversation will occur online whether your brand is online or not.

Something I learned that really struck me – more people have access to a mobile device than running water in the world today. That is shocking.

Social media is here to stay so businesses need to learn to adapt to these new technologies and use them in a way that aligns with their overall business strategies.

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