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Posted on December 4, 2013

I discovered Bare Essentials Skin Bar when I was started tweeting with the owner, Amy Sahota. The moment I saw their “menu” of services on their website, I was instantly intrigued.

Vantini to resurface, smooth and brighten skin? Screwdriver to banish blackheads and declog pores? Mai tai to hydrate thirsty dry skin? Yes, please, I’ll take one of each!

With six years of experience in the medical spa industry, I took the opportunity of meeting Amy in person to ask her expert opinion on a few beauty questions!

How should our skin care routine change as we move into winter?

In winter, the days are cold and we start seeing more than snowflakes – we get flakey, dry skin too. Frequent moving from indoors to outdoors causes our skin to experience sudden changes in warm, dry air to cold, dry air. Amy recommends a heavier moisturizer to protect your skin from the elements. If you aren’t a fan of how a heavier moisturizer feels on your skin, you can opt for doing hydrating masks and facials on a regular basis.

How is a facial different than doing your own deep clean at home?

Getting a facial done with a professional aesthetician can be great for learning exactly what your skin needs, which changes all the time. At Bare Essentials, the “skintender” will perform a complimentary skin analysis with every treatment so you know exactly what issues you need to work on in between facials. By getting professional services regularly, they can also help track the progress of your skin over time and tweak your regime as needed.

How often should someone get a facial?

Amy suggests getting a facial done once a month, or even 2-3 times a month if you have any issues with your skin. If you’re concerned about aging, pigmentation or acne, you could go as often as every 10 days for 3-6 treatments until you see improvement, then reduce the frequency of trips.

What is a common skin care mistake people make?

Amy notices that a lot of people using spot treatments that aren’t working for them or that are actually over-stripping their skin. Spot treatments are supposed to kill the bacteria causing the breakout, help unclog the offending pore and reduce inflammation. The pimple should be gone in two weeks – if it isn’t, your spot treatment isn’t working for you.


What is Bare Essentials Skin Bar?

Amy keeps the concept for Bare Essentials Skin Bar simple – 30 minutes for $45 for all target treatments focused on being skin happy! Perfect for those without the budget or time to spend on traditional style facials.  Their open concept beauty bar is conveniently located between downtown Vancouver and Yaletown at 790 Richards Street so you can pop in during your lunch or in between meetings.

Bare Essentials chooses to use products exclusively from Dermalogica for all their treatments because they contain ingredients from pharmaceuticals labs, meaning their products are active and have to be sold by trained professionals. Another benefits is that the products do not use any artificial colours or fragrances and have no fillers. Other brands that are sold in drug stores will use mineral oil, lanelin, sulfates or other forms of sodium.

Having happy and healthy skin is so important for self confidence and Amy strongly believes that skin care is not a luxury but a necessity. Education and continuous upkeep are major factors in this and Bare Essentials Skin Bar has made it simple for you to incorporate skin health into your regular routine, just 30 minutes at a time.

Skin bars that focus exclusively on skin care is already popular in New York and Los Angeles and Amy is bringing the concept to Vancouver. Unlike a regular spa, a skin bar is lively with conversation and more fun. It’s a great place to bring your friends together for a girl’s night of gossiping while you get facials together.

I’ve been struggling with skin problems for many years now and at first look at their list of treatments, I felt like I needed everything on the menu! My consultation and skin analysis was really insightful and they helped me determine my most important problem areas. Although my skin is oily and prone to breakouts, I also have dehydrated skin so my Skintender customized my treatment by adding some special ingredients to the products to address redness in my skin and dehydration. The staff at Bare Essentials really make education one of their first priorities and are constantly encouraging questions so we walk away with tons of helpful information.

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