Ultimate Beauty Tour with Samer Khouzami

Posted on January 25, 2015

Ina Mander and Mindy Bansal are award-winning makeup and hair artists and founders of Girlfriendz Studio 7. In addition to making women feel beautiful, their mission is also to bring the makeup artist community together to inspire, network, and collaborate with each other.

This is why Ina and Mindy decided to host internationally renowned celebrity makeup artist, Samer Khouzami as a collaborative event with Girlfriendz Studio 7. Samer’s Ultimate Beauty Tour covered stops in Brazil, Brahain, Holland, Kuwait, Ecuador, and we are very lucky to have him come to Vancouver as his only Canadian stop! Attendees from across Canada and the United States flew in for this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the expert at makeup transformations.

The exclusive Makeup Master Class is a one-day seminar and comes with a certificate of completion signed by Samer himself afterwards. He shared TONS of industry secrets and advanced makeup techniques. He specializes in contouring and sculpting face shapes using light and shadows.

Here are the mind blowing before and after photos for his looks during the seminar! Notice how the skin looks absolutely perfect and flawless?

Foundation Tips for Contouring and Highlighting

  • Start off with a light layer of MAC Fix+ on clean skin to create a little stickiness on your skin. Samer doesn’t use any makeup primers as he believes it only adds another (unnecessary) layer to your makeup. He tries to keep as few layers as possible to keep the makeup looking natural.
  • For a highlighter, use a concealer that is 3-4 shades lighter than your skin
  • For a contour, use a concealer that is 3-4 shades darker than your skin
  • Use brushes, not sponges to get precision in your contouring. Do not blend completely as applying powder will help tone it down already and you don’t want to lose those light and dark distinctions.
  • After you’re done applying foundation, use a dry and clean beauty blender to absorb oils left behind from the makeup. Do not use the sponge to blend, but just tap the skin lightly to absorb. You want just the pigment left on the skin. This step ensures longer lasting makeup.
  • To set the makeup, apply loose powder (Samer uses #40 from Chanel with a Mac puff) by dabbing directly under the eye and on all highlighted areas. This will tone down the blending. Use a good amount to make everything matte. Avoid the dark contour areas or the powder will make it look ashy. Instead, use a dark powder in contour areas afterwards.
  • Don’t use theatrical foundation normally, only for covering tattoos, scars, and burns
  • Don’t layer cream on top of cream, they will blend into each other and look too thick and fake on the skin
  • Don’t use makeup products on dry skin, use skincare products. If skin is already flaking, then there is no point in moisturizing it, it needs to be removed. So exfoliate, but be careful because the skin will become sensitive afterwards so use gentle products.
  • If you’re mixing foundations for highlights and contours, keep the same base – water or oil based. Same goes for all makeup products, ex. primer, concealer, etc. Be careful when you’re mixing brands.
  • Samer doesn’t use any colour correcting concealers because he doesn’t like to layer too many products on top of each other and he doesn’t see the need. Instead, choose concealers and foundations with the right undertone.
  • For acne scars, use a compact powder with a setting sponge, instead of puff or brush as those will not fill the scars
  • Tip for makeup artists: In any foundation you like, buy just the lightest and darkest foundations and mix any shade yourself. You don’t need to buy all the shades for different clients!

Tips for Eyes:

  • Samer finishes the skin completely before starting on the eyes at all
  • He started with applying Makeup Forever Liquid Lift Foundation in #17 on the eyelids using a concealer brush to make a sheer, sticky base (acting as a primer)
  • And since the skin and foundation is completely done now, you need to be extra careful that there is no fallout. Samer applies product on only one side of the brush to reduce fall out from the other side of the brush. Only one side of your brush will be touching your skin, so only one side of your brush needs to be covered in product!
  • Not all eyebrows need to be filled, if they are already dark, only fill in the imperfections
  • When applying false eyelashes, lift the lashes while they are drying. Lifting them when they’re already dried won’t do anything!
  • Don’t layer anything on the eyelids. Complete the skin first. Then add a small amount of concealer on the eyes, just to make it sticky. Need to be very careful to not create any fallout. Do not apply eyeshadow on both sides of the brush – only one side! The other side will create fallout.
  • Applying eyeshadow (tapping) and blending it is two completely different steps. Don’t try to make it into one movement.
  • Always use eyeshadow on top of cream eyeshadows to set the cream

General Makeup Tips:

  • If your whole face is matte, don’t apply shimmer only on the cheekbone because it will look fake. You need to add to the brow bone and tip of the nose too. (Not up along the whole nose)
  • Samer never uses lip pencils because you can get more control with a brush. Lip pencils are for shaping and creating a base, both of these can be achieved with a lip stain and brush instead.
  • When applying makeup for a photo shoot, do not use any products with SPF or they will show up lighter than expected in photos
  • You can shorten noses with contouring to reduce the length of the nose
  • A makeup appointment with a client always takes no less than 45 mins, and no more than one hour. Brides also take one hour.

Products Samer Used:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer in #5 and #7
  • K-Stars Foundation
  • Estee Lauder Foundation
  • Loose powder from Chanel in #40 to set entire face, warm colour and tones down contours
  • Compact powder from Laura Mercier in Natural Beige to emphasize the highlights
  • Compact powder from Tom Ford in #39 to go cover dark contours. Don’t want them washed out, need them to stand out
  • Makeup Forever Liquid Lift Foundation in #17 on eyelids using a concealer brush to make a sheer, sticky base
  • Eyeshadow from MAC in Embark
  • Dulce&Gabbana Perfect Matte Powder Foundation

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