YouTube Space in NY

Such a cool space, so glad I got a chance to hang out here for YouTube events! Check out the hashtag #YouTubeNY on Twitter.  Continue Reading →

Cut up t-shirt for Christmas gift

Christmas is just around the corner and I decided to make some gifts for my friends! I designed this graphic myself, got it printed at Zazzle, and further personalized it by cutting and weaving the neckline. Continue Reading →


Google Think Brand: YouTube Beauty & Fashion Showcase 2014

In 2014, Google hosted ‘Brand Week’ and as part of that initiative, they had a Beauty and Fashion Showcase to introduce advertisers to Canadian beauty YouTubers.  Continue Reading →

Dress Link Clothing Review

So Dresslink reached out to me and offered $20 for me to try out the clothes on their website. Surprisingly, $20 went a long way because everything is so cheap. Continue Reading →


Featured in the Province Newspaper

Exciting to be featured in an article showcasing all the big YouTube stars in Vancouver! Continue Reading →

Braided Scarf from a T-Shirt

Thanks to all the feedback and support on my last video to request for more DIY t-shirt scarf tutorials! This week, I’ll show you guys how to do a few versions of a braided scarf!

Continue Reading →

DIY Workout T-Shirt Tutorial

Looking for a new workout t-shirt? Take an old t-shirt and turn it into this easy workout top. I’m going to show you guys 3 different looks with just one step! Continue Reading →


Google Plus taking over the Internet

To everyone who thought Google+ was unsuccessful and a failed attempt to take over Facebook – it doesn’t matter what you think because Google owns the Internet! And they have a much bigger plan than just a social networking site. Continue Reading →


Social Media Awards Finalist

I was incredibly flattered of being nominated for the first annual 2013 Vancouver Social Media Awards for the category of Best Student Video Channel. I’m grateful for the nomination and the opportunity to be a finalist in the competition! Continue Reading →


How to get 9 million views on YouTube – Salinabear

At my internship at Invoke, my coworkers were really interested in how I got so many views on my Salinabear YouTube channel and my marketing strategies behind growing my channel.  Continue Reading →


Invoke Media Lunch n’ Learn

As part of a monthly Lunch n’ Learn series at Invoke Media, I was asked to present on my Salinabear YouTube channel. Continue Reading →