and Haul Review

Rose Gal gave me $30 USD and SammyDress gave me $15 USD to go shopping and review their products. Watch my video to see how the items ended up looking in real life. Continue Reading →


Black + Blue #OOTD

Sadly, no costume for Halloween because I had to dress up for a meeting downtown.¬†Well, I didn’t have any events to wear one to anyway…! Continue Reading →


H&M Sparkly Studs

Snagged this sparkly studded grey top from H&M at Pacific Centre in downtown Vancouver on clearance. Originally $30, I got it for $15!


Lucy Crystal Collar from Olive + Piper

I got this gorgeous Lucy Crystal Collar necklace from my boyfriend as a present in the mail and I am freaking excited! With a price tag of only $42, this is an awesome deal. I think this necklace looks like it could be worth upwards of $200 if other people were to guess! Continue Reading →


#OOTD at Vancouver Fashion Week 2013

I had the pleasure of attending Vancouver Fashion Week this year to view the Spring/Summer 2014 season at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Chinatown. But since I just got back from Hawaii, I could only make the final night of the event. The last night should be the best anyway, right? Continue Reading →