CTA Conference 2017 – What I learned

This was my first time attending CTA (Call to Action) Conference and it was such a great experience! I’ve attended many conference and even planned my own and I can honestly say this was a great, well-organized, high quality content conference. Continue Reading →

Marketing Cloud Webcast: Gary Vaynerchuk, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook-webinar

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – @GaryVee Webinar

So glad I signed up for Gary Vaynerchuk’s live webinar a while back and I’m thankful for the email reminder because I didn’t add it to my calendar!

It was fast-paced boxing match between @garyvee and Marketing Cloud host, @djwaldow as they bounced social media ideas and questions back and forth. They both had so much energy and so much insight to add to the conversation, it was hard to keep up! Good thing, everyone hashtagged the best nuggets of information so I could put it all together into a Storify recap. Hurray for Twitter!
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mSummit Conference in Vancouver is Reinventing “Mom”

Founded by moms for working moms, Reinventing M Network hosted the third annual mSummit conference, featuring insightful career, financial and lifestyle workshops throughout the day. Designed to help mothers create meaningful connections and learn from experts, the conference encourages the reinvention of mom and what it means to be a successful mompreneur. Continue Reading →


The Art of Marketing Conference

I volunteered for the Art of Marketing 2012 Conference and got to meet Scott Stratten!

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AIESEC Coastal Conference 2012

AIESEC Coastal Conference brings together over 100 undergraduate students from the coastal region of North America to prepare them for the responsibilities of being an AIESEC member. Continue Reading →

AIESEC award

AIESEC SFU won the Communications Award

Everybody strives to be in the spotlight, but not everyone receives it or is worthy of it. So don’t do things because you expect to be recognized for it. Just be the best you can be and that’s all you can do! Continue Reading →