and Haul Review

Rose Gal gave me $30 USD and SammyDress gave me $15 USD to go shopping and review their products. Watch my video to see how the items ended up looking in real life. Continue Reading →

Braided Scarf from a T-Shirt

Thanks to all the feedback and support on my last video to request for more DIY t-shirt scarf tutorials! This week, I’ll show you guys how to do a few versions of a braided scarf!

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DIY T-Shirt Scarf / Necklace Tutorial!

I’m home from Calgary after 5 weeks there and back in Vancouver now! It’s still cold here but nothing like it was over there. That cold was just crazy, sometimes goes down to -35 degrees Celsius with windchill. My friends were saying that you could get frostbite in 10 minutes standing outside.

So, I wanted to make scarves this week since we’ll probably have two more months of cold weather. I googled lots and lots of t-shirt scarves and there are so many cool ones – I might end up doing a whole series of t-shirt scarf videos. Let me know if you’d like that! Continue Reading →

DIY Lace T-Shirt with Slant

Happy New Year’s everyone!

Today’s tutorial is on cutting out this a pattern along the bottom of any t-shirt with a slanted hem that kind of looks like lace. Continue Reading →


2013 Boxing Day Haul

Dang, after a full 12 hours of shopping at two different malls, Crossiron Mills and Market Mall in Calgary, here’s my haul! We were exhausted by lunch time but amazingly were able to push through another 7 hours. My feet are hurting! It’s definitely time to relax for the rest of the night.

How long did you guys go Boxing Day shopping today? What was the best thing you bought today? Continue Reading →

Weaved Halter Racerback Tank Top

Since it’s December and 2013 is coming to a end I like to reflect back on the year on what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve done. One of my biggest things is getting back into YouTube and now I’m making regular videos again – one every week! So I thought it’d be nice to cut up my YouTube t-shirt – it was a gift from a YouTube friend, Darrell, he makes videos on car tutorials! If you need to know how to fix a car, check out his channel, Nukem384. Continue Reading →

Checkered Work Out T-Shirt

During the holiday season, it’s so hard not to indulge bad eating habits! Who else has this problem? There are so many family dinners, parties and when I spend all day in the mall doing Christmas shopping, I end up eating fast food. So bad, I know. And I’ve definitely been overeating. My guilty pleasure is chips and dip – if I’m at a party and there’s chip and dip on the table. I will stand next to that table all night, I can’t stop myself! Continue Reading →

Side Scrunch & Snowflake T-Shirt

I have a new background for the next few videos I’ll be uploading because I’m in Calgary for the holidays! I just got here on Saturday night and there was a crazy snow storm on Monday so I’m just glad I flew in before the snow started and over 100 flights got cancelled from the Calgary airport!

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Slashed Shirt DIY (Balmain Inspired)

Who’s eagerly waiting for the second Hobbit movie to come out? The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug comes out in theatres December 13, 2013 and for this week’s video, I’m collaborating with Warner Bros. to promote the premiere! Watch the movie trailer here. Continue Reading →

DIY Workout T-Shirt Tutorial

Looking for a new workout t-shirt? Take an old t-shirt and turn it into this easy workout top. I’m going to show you guys 3 different looks with just one step! Continue Reading →


Black + Blue #OOTD

Sadly, no costume for Halloween because I had to dress up for a meeting downtown. Well, I didn’t have any events to wear one to anyway…! Continue Reading →


H&M Sparkly Studs

Snagged this sparkly studded grey top from H&M at Pacific Centre in downtown Vancouver on clearance. Originally $30, I got it for $15!


Lucy Crystal Collar from Olive + Piper

I got this gorgeous Lucy Crystal Collar necklace from my boyfriend as a present in the mail and I am freaking excited! With a price tag of only $42, this is an awesome deal. I think this necklace looks like it could be worth upwards of $200 if other people were to guess! Continue Reading →


Closing Day Designers at Vancouver Fashion Week 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013 was the last day of this year’s Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. Did you follow along the hashtag #vanfashionweek on Twitter? Continue Reading →


#OOTD at Vancouver Fashion Week 2013

I had the pleasure of attending Vancouver Fashion Week this year to view the Spring/Summer 2014 season at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Chinatown. But since I just got back from Hawaii, I could only make the final night of the event. The last night should be the best anyway, right? Continue Reading →