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How to have a successful blog

Posted on September 16, 2016

Do you have a blog or you’re thinking of starting a blog? Here are some concepts and tips to know!


  • Be valuable, searchable, shareable
  • Resonate with your audience – so they not only come back to your blog but they bring their with friends back with them

Big difference

Bloggers vs. people who have blogs. Blogging could take over your life if you want it to.

How to be successful

  • Refuse to not be successful
  • Have multiple revenue streams
  • Come up with innovative ideas
  • Teamwork
  • Help others!

How to keep growing

  • Embrace change and try new ideas
  • Stay consistent with your brand
  • Always produce quality content
  • Be positive

What makes a blog successful?

  • Understanding and fulfilling the needs of your audience – makes people stop, read and share
  • The best content always wins! Make sure you have regular, quality content.
  • Build a compelling and consistent brand – spend time and money getting it in order. you must build your product before you can sell it. Make sure money and getting ads doesn’t distract from the quality of your product.
  • Have a clear focus and mission
  • Build influence and relevance
  • A good website – professional design and effective navigation. Make sure your social media networks are linked
  • Build your network – Facebook gorups, Twitter lists, attend conferences
  • Build authority – guest blog, freelance for bigger sites, curate valuable content, speak at events, workshops, be helpful – offer valuable advice in comments/social networks, work for other bloggers, make valuable contacts and relationships
  • Interact with brands


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