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Posted on April 26, 2014

Rose Gal gave me $30 USD and SammyDress gave me $15 USD to go shopping and review their products. Watch my video to see how the items ended up looking in real life.

Use discount code: FEB0310FAFF for 10% off all Sammydress items on their website until June 30, 2014.

Check out my previous blog post on tips for online shopping on these websites: How to Shop on SammyDress, Rose Wholesale, RoseGal, and Vintage Buying

Rose Gal


Graceful Rhinestone Embellished Pleated Chiffon Women’s Summer Blouse – $13.09 (Sold Out) – Size: M – Color: White

As you can see in the featured image, there are major differences in the shirt.

  • Fabric quality
  • No rhinestones
  • Colour is different
  • No pleats in the front

The shirt I received is wearable – it’s just a cheaper knockoff from the professional model photo.

[No picture available]

Sleeveless Scoop Neck Bow Tie Tank Top – One size – Color: Light Green


Corean Hot Sale Grace and Exquisite Style Hollow Pattern Earrings – $0.83 (Sold Out)


Korea Fashion Sweet Girl Light Color Heart Shape Earrings – $0.63



Retro Style Skinny Elastic Imitated Leanther Black Thin Leggings – $5.04



PU Leather Thickened Plush Fleece Solid Color Leggings – $7.94


Solid Color Simple Style Slimming PU Leather Splicing Leggings – $5.04

What Others Are Saying

  1. Dawn October 22, 2015 at 6:07 am

    Thank you I was just checking it out to see if they were legitimate I will not be purchasing from them you saved me a lot of time and money! Thanks again

  2. yamum January 23, 2015 at 5:30 am

    Read this very carefully before making any further decisions. Or, if you like, just look up the reviews for this company.

    Multiple “companies”. Scamming companies. 
    Jollychic, DressLily, Sammydress, RoseGal, WISH, SheInsider, RoseWe, A Happy Deal, Globalegrow, Rosewholesale, DealsMachine, MartofChina, WorldofTrade, Choies, Yeegow, Everbuying, and Twinkledeals.

    They’re all the same people. 
    1. They’re actually just one big scamming operation (The Yigou International Group) based in Shenzen, China, that goes under many different names.
    2. Each separate company has stolen at least $20,000 from unassuming customers who think its safe to buy from them. 
    2A: Do the math, people. A minimum of 20,000 times the number of subcompanies listed above; that’s AT LEAST $340,000 of money stolen. And keep in mind, the above listed companies are just the ones I’ve been able to find. Who knows how many more of them there are.
    3. They either never send items you buy, and keep your money, or send you incredibly cheap knockoffs of stolen fashion designs that wouldnt fit a 10 year old prepubescent girl. 
    3A: If you were to pay attention to their advertisements, you would notice that you’ve seen those models in Macys advertisements,and so on. In some less sneaky photoshop attempts, they will even forget to remove company logos on the actual advertised clothing, thus proving that they are stealing the designs.
    4. All of the clothing they make is created through payless child labor.
    5. It is near impossible to get a refund, and they have been known to disable customer accounts, block customer phone calls, etc, in order to ensure that the customer can NEVER get their money back.
    6. In very rare cases, customers have had good experiences, but again, this is rare, and it is not recommended that ANYONE take their chances with any of these “sub companies”. The odds are one in many a thousand. 
    7. They have not been entered as an affiliate of the Better Business Bureau, and as such are not immediately legally compelled to provide any fair (or legal) business. 8. The BBB has continuously contacted them, only to be entirely ignored in every possible aspect. 
    9. In addition, whenever one of these sub companies has finally been “discovered” too openly as a scam, the company website shuts down, and disappears from the Internet, only to be replaced with a new website under a new name, but displaying the same advertisements and concepts as the last one. 
    10. All of these sub companies advertise mainly via Facebook, as it is free to do so, and they reach a large audience.
    11. In the case that buyers EVER give negative reviews or comments on their Facebook posts, they delete said comments, and block the people from ever commenting again.
    12. Or, in other cases, they will respond to the comments claiming that they will contact the dissatisfied customer, (to appear responsible in the eyes of those commenting) and then block that person from commenting so that they will never get help, and the sub-company will continue to appear trustworthy and safe to use.

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  4. Salina Siu November 27, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Jeannie, no sorry I don’t know the status or their plans to fix any issues. I only know my personal experience with them so I can’t speak to the issues others have run into.

  5. Jeannie October 9, 2014 at 8:49 am

    Hi Salina…Has Sammydress fix the problem with shipping and sending out the customers items? I read so many reviews that the customers never received their item or it just takes awhile to get them or they never received them. I never had a problem with sammydress. I just wanted to know because I was thinking of being an affiliate. I tried contacting them for an answer but they are too busy? I hope you can answer my question..Thanks!

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