11 reasons why I don’t like my HTC One

Posted on October 19, 2013

I’ve been using my iPhone 4S for the past two year (without data) and I’m quite the Apple fan but when it was time to renew my TELUS contract, I was intrigued by the new Android phones and figured it’d give it a try.

I’m not a techie so I wasn’t too interested in all the technical stats – I only looked up the differences in the camera quality. I decided on the HTC One based the price (got it for $50, regular $149), recommendations from friends, the fact that my boyfriend was getting the same one, so he can help me troubleshoot anytime I have a question and because it looks beautiful (like an Apple Macbook, ha).

But, after using the HTC One M7 for a while, I realized I still preferred Apple. Now I know I love Apple for legitimate reasons! Here’s a review on the 11 reasons why I don’t like the HTC One:

Charges slow

Charging the phone takes WAY longer! I am forced to charge my phone overnight when I used to charge it when I woke up while I was getting ready in the morning with the iPhone (I don’t like overcharging phones).  And it’s not like the HTC battery lasts significantly longer – I can’t compare since I was using my iPhone without data but I can’t make it a full day with my HTC when I’m heavily using data all day.

Cannot press home button

I am annoyed that if my phone is lying on the table, I can’t press the home button to check the time. I HAVE to press the power button at the top of the phone. There are two buttons at the bottom (back and home) but they are touch only so there is nothing on the front of the phone I can physically press to turn it on.

Phone is too big

I’ve realized how true it is that the iPhone is the perfect size to fit in my hand. When I’m holding the HTC, I am forced to move my hand in order to reach the top of the screen.

Shape is curved

While the shape of the phone is slick, the curved back makes it hard to use then phone when it’s lying on a table. Every time I poke the phone, it rocks left and right!

Vibrates too loud

It vibrates so loud that it moves by itself on the table and it buzzes not once but twice, making it worse.

Screen doesn’t light up for notifications

It vibrates loudly but the screen doesn’t even light up to show me what it’s buzzing about. Is it an email, a text or just an app notification? And I can’t even press the home button to quickly check (see point #2).

Power button too flat

I already have to reach so far up to press the power button and it’s not even easy to press, especially if you have a case. The button lies flat against the phone so it’s not a significant push like the iPhone.

Volume buttons easily pressed

On the other hand, the volume buttons are too easily pressed. Without a phone case, I found that the phone would jump from vibrate, silent to volume without me knowing because it can change even when the phone is locked! However, putting on a phone case protects the buttons more so you won’t notice this problem.

Battery percentage not shown

So basic. Why doesn’t the percentage of battery left display on the top of the screen in the notifications bar? Someone told me I could get an app for that but why should I need to? This is something that is so basic that it should be built in. I don’t like wasting space on my homepage for widgets.

WhatsApp notifications pop up

This is the Android WhatsApp problem but even with a few notification choices, it still does not have what I want – to preview the message without responding to it. But there are only two options: notification at the top (without message preview) or message pop up (you can read the message but it stops whatever you were currently doing and you have to press “Close” or “View” before it goes away).  If you’re typing a text message on your phone and WhatsApp pops up, you’ll end up typing your text message into the Whatsapp pop up box. I have to press “Close” before I can continue doing what I was doing before.

Scrolling is not smooth

A minor detail but it bothers me that I can’t scroll smoothly, for example, if I’m browsing through my apps. It forces me to scroll up one page at a time – you can’t stop halfway between two pages.

Android VS Apple

These may be minor things but they are 11 things that bug me on a daily basis and it gets annoying. Although there are good things about the phone (ex. great camera on the back) they do not outweigh the bad. I am aware that there are cool and amazing things you can do with the phone and Android in general, but they’re just “nice to have” things and don’t actually do anything for me on a regular day to day basis. I didn’t know it before the switch but I’ve realized that having the core functions down pat is way more important for me.

It depends on what Apple comes out with in the future, but I’d probably switch back to iPhone.

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