The myVCH Intranet Design

Posted on November 27, 2018



In-person community engagement

For the Innovation Fair event taking place at Vancouver General Hospital, I designed and printed large foam boards for our booth. As VCH staff circulated the event, we explained the new intranet migration project and highlighted new features. One of the new features is a discussion forum so we asked people to write topics they’d like to discuss with coworkers onto sticky notes and place on our board.

We took this in-person opportunity to engage with staff in a meaningful way. We asked about their challenges with the old intranet, how they normally use it, how often they log on, and what their wishlist would be for the new intranet. For those who had worries and concerns, we were able to showed them a live demo of the new platform on a laptop. It helped ease their minds by explaining how to use it and what the migration process would look like. 


Over 400 postcards printed so our CEO, senior leadership team, managers and communications employees could hand out at events and meetings. The postcards highlighted the new features of the intranet to get employees excited about using the new platform.



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