China & India Postcards & Posters – AIESEC Canada

Posted on June 11, 2011

While AIESEC offers work and volunteer opportunities around the world, some countries are more desirable to applicants. Countries in places such as Europe are in high demand with fewer openings so the acceptance rate is much lower.

AIESEC Canada wanted to create a marketing campaign to fix this problem and place applicants in positions faster, as well as better manage expectations and avoid disappointment.

Open positions are especially abundant in China and India so I created two designs to promote those specific opportunities.

Project details

  • Content was provided to me
  • Photos were chosen by me from an online photo bank
  • Poster was designed to leave empty space at the bottom so AIESEC chapters across Canada could put their own information session dates, times, and locations as they are scheduled
  • Over 2,000 copies were printed and shipped across Canada
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