People won’t know what you do if you don’t tell them.

Posted on March 31, 2013

Usually, when you work your butt off, you expect people to recognize it and say, “Good job!” But this doesn’t always happen, especially if people don’t know what awesome work you’ve been doing or that you were the one to do it.

It’s your job to get it out there: you are working hard and you are doing awesome things.

I found an opportunity to do this at SAP by participating in the “Blog It Forward” initiative on SAP’s Community Network (SCN). The goal is to have employees get to know each other and become more active on the SCN platform. So, right away, I took this chance to showcase what I do as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist Intern at SAP, as well as my cool extra-curricular activities like my YouTube channel.

I got a lot of great feedback from people and over 500 page views!

Read my Blog It Forward post

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