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Oil of Oregano – Why use it & how to use it

Posted on August 16, 2018

I’ve been researching on Amazon to find a bottle of oil of oregano to try since many people I know recommend it to fight off the beginning signs of sickness.

What you can use it for

Take at first sign of getting a sore throat or cold.

It goes straight through skin to the organs and tissues below. I have used this applied externally, locally with very good effect to rapidly cure a viral ear infection

Toenail fungus

Oral thrush – 4 drops of oregano oil diluted in 1 teaspoon carrier oil once a day

Mouthwash – Add 1-2 drops of oregano oil in water

Oil pulling – Mix coconut oil with four drops of the oil of oregano

Bronchial and sciatica issues

Seasonal allergies


Gum disease


What to look for

The most important thing to watch for when shopping for this or other essential oils is finding out what the contents include.

They may advertise 100% pure oil right on the front and that may be true, but their 100% pure oil could be mixed with carrier oils inside the bottle. So saying 100% pure does not mean the contents are 100% oil. This is what makes a big difference in price.

You may choose to one that is – for example – 25% oil of oregano diluted with 75% olive oil so you save the hassle of mixing it yourself every time you want a dose. While there is convenience, the price is not the best deal.

Personally, I went with a bottle that is 100% oil of oregano (for $27.99, free shipping). It was the best value since one undiluted 30ml bottle is the equivalent of buying 3 or more bottles of diluted oregano oil (which sell for a similar price). The undiluted bottle will last you way longer.

If you buy undiluted, you need to be VERY clear on how to use it. It is unlike what you find in most health food stores. It will cause terrible throat burn if put directly into mouth – it tastes as hot as pure cayenne pepper. Or third degree burns when used externally. It cannot be used directly! If you put it in a plastic cup, it would slowly melt the plastic so imagine how strong it will be on your body.

I went with Zane Hellas brand on Amazon, and they have this list of pointers on how to compare brands:

100% Undiluted Pure Greek Wild Essential Oil of Oregano

The variety we use is Origanum Vulgare Heracleoticum Hirtum, Greek Oregano. True Oregano Grows Wild in Mediterranean Regions Such as Greece. The Wild Oregano Is the Source of Surprisingly Potent Oil of Oregano.

Minimum 86 % Carvacrol

Always Check the Amount of Carvacrol. Ask for a CoA (Certificate of Analysis). We always provide you with a CoA with your order. Carvacrol Is the Active Ingredient That Defines the Quality of Oregano Oil. Greek Oregano Found to Have the Highest Rates of Carvacrol.

129 Mg Carvacrol per Serving

Always Check the Milligrams. The Higher the Content of Carvacrol In Oregano Oil, The More Effective It Is. If the Oregano Oil Contains Low Carvacrol Rates, It Will Not Be as Effective Regardless of The Usable Dosage.

Less than 2 % Thymol, Free of Chemicals & Additives

Another Ingredient Found in Oregano Oil. It Must be at Very Low Rates in Oregano Oil Because Thymol is Toxic in High Concentrations.

How to use it

Internal usage: 4 drops of oregano oil diluted in one teaspoon carrier oil with a full stomach

External usage: 1-2 drops of oregano oil diluted with one teaspoon carrier oil and apply it to the affected areas

4 drops in 1/2 litre of water and still it’s very strong corrosive tasting

15 drops of oregano oil with 100ml olive oil

Mixed with lotion

Mixing with water

It doesn’t mix well with water, if you are using it topically, it would be better if you diluted with coconut oil or olive oil. If you’re ingesting it or using it under the tongue, it’s better with oil. I have diluted with water and swallowed but it didn’t mix well in d glass and burnt the throat a little as well as gave me diarrhoea for a short while.

One drop in a full glass of water

2 to 4 drops in a shot or similar glass, add about 2 oz of water and mix. Don’t drink – throw to back of throat and chase with cold water.

I took it in a spoon of water and my throat shut down. I almost couldn’t breathe in. It was very scary.

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