My submission for the ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition

Posted on May 28, 2013

This competition has been a crazy whirlwind! Even though I didn’t make it into the final round, I am happy and overwhelmed with gratitude because so many people in my network helped and supported me in this competition!


This has definitely been an experience of a lifetime. I’ve been running around doing newspaper, TV and radio interviews and even a photo shoot in my room! I had to write a press release, contact journalists and learned a lot about PR.

I was able to get 2 TV appearances, 2 print articles, 1 radio interview and 15 online articles! Plus, I snagged endorsements from Andrew Petter, Simon Fraser University President; Wesla Wong from Global News; Dianne Watts, Mayor of Surrey and Erik Rolfsen, finalist in the 2009 Best Jobs competition.

Check out my endorsements and an infographic of all my highlights:

View my infographic


Simon Fraser University President, Andrew Petter

“Salina is ready and able to take on the job of Chief Funster. So what are you waiting for? Make Salina your Chief Funster, you’ll never regret it!”

Global News Meteorologist, Wesla Wong

“I vote for Salina for Chief Funster! She is amazing at social media, she has event planning skills… and she’s ready to turn up the heat in Australia!”

Mayor of Surrey, Dianne Watts

“Salina takes an innovative approach to entrepreneurship through social media. Salina would be an excellent Chief Funster and bolster the profile of Australia as a premier tourist destination.”

View letter



2009 Finalist for Best Jobs, Erik Rolfsen

“When I look back on 2009 and think about what I might have done differently to become the Island Caretaker, …I needed to be more like Salina Siu, and that’s why I’m endorsing Salina Siu to be Chief Funster for New South Wales.”

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