Mooncats Cashmere Scarf Review

Posted on May 23, 2015

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Recently, reached out to me to see if I wanted to check out their scarves for review. I immediately fell in love with the colours and I’ve never owned anything cashmere, so I told them yes!

I had the opportunity to choose from two different types of their scarves:

  • $115 Pure Cashmere Spring Scarves, which are casual, lightweight and come in gorgeous, soft colours
  • $95 Pure Cashmere Shawls, which are thicker, warmer, and more elegant

Since I already own a lot of lightweight scarves (although they are not made of cashmere), I decided to go for the thicker, more luxurious shawls – perfect for a chilly night. Plus, huge blanket scarves are so popular now!

I ordered the Dark Grey and Burgundy and I am absolutely in love with them! The grey can match any kind of outfit, it’s so easy to throw on and the dark red is sexy and sophisticated.


Before visiting the MoonCats website, I didn’t know anything about cashmere – why was it so special and why does it cost so much? I just figured it was out of my price range, but I’ve learned why!

  • Super warm, even if it’s the lightweight scarves
  • Doesn’t wrinkle, making it great for travel
  • Doesn’t pill, so it’s a great investment that will last a long time

Plus, a 20% off code for you guys: SALINASIU20OFF

  • Spring Scarves will go from $115 to $92
  • Shawls from $95 to $76
  • Plus, other scarves starting from $19

About MoonCats

MoonCats was created because they wanted to provide beautiful cashmere at affordable prices. Normally, cashmere scarves sell for $150-300 at luxury brands, but they offer it for only $95 (plus 20% off!) because of more efficient operations.

MoonCats uses the highest quality fibres from goats living in Inner Mongolia, a province of China known for their cashmere and their Pure Cashmere scarves are all made of 100% cashmere.

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