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Increase sales for your business

Posted on November 4, 2016

For most businesses, there’s constant pressure to bring in more clients, increase sales and make more money. It’s hard to find time, know how or do it effectively. When people hear the word sales, they usually have a negative feeling, but getting more business can be non-pushy!

The most important thing is: follow up, follow up, follow up and repeat that about 3 more times. But follow up is not just sending an email, and sending a, “Hey, did you get my email?” email or asking someone if they checked out your product yet. There’s many more ways to do it that doesn’t feel pushy or salesy.

In Kate Gaffin’s free webinar called,”6 Non Pushy Ways to Follow Up That Will Win You New and Repeat Business Over and Over Again”, she shares some fabulous tips!


  • Word of mouth
  • Quality referrals
  • Bigger, tighter network
  • Upselling and repeat customers

Making a sale

A sale is a series of conversations until someone makes a decision. Don’t make someone feel like a dollar sign.

  • Stay on people’s radar in non selling ways
  • Continue building the relationship with someone after they have purchased from you
  • Continue building the relationship with someone even if they don’t decide to buy from you
  • Continue adding value to someone else’s life! Make them feel special, acknowledge things of importance to them, show appreciation, etc.

Likability and trust

People buy from people/brands that they like and trust. Stop being too corporate and make sure people know who’s behind that brand. Share personal things about yourself and your team, such as:

  • Things you love
  • Where you grew up
  • Places you’ve traveled
  • Hobbies and interesting facts about yourself

People will connect and remember these personal things about you and if it’s something they have in common with you – it increases your likability and makes you human.

Consistent follow up

It is a numbers game. Be there at the time they needed what you sell. If you drop out, you also drop out of mind. It actually takes very little for you to stand out because other people barely follow up 2, 3, or more times.

Usually, people don’t want to follow up, or feel like they shouldn’t because they believe that if someone didn’t reply, it’s saying something about them personally but this is not the case! There are many reasons people do not engage with you:

  • People may not need you right now
  • They could be happy with their current provider right now
  • They don’t know anyone else who might need you right now
  • They might be super busy and don’t have time to consider you right now

But keep going, keep having those touch points and wait for the moment it becomes the right time for them!

Ways to follow up

Okay, so by now you should be really excited to start following up in smart, effective and non-pushy ways! Here are strategies that will show you exactly how to do that:

If I…would you…?

Never leave a conversation without a mutually agreed action step. It’s a subtle shift to make it an agreement between both people, not you pushing it on them. After meeting someone new, try saying something like this:

If I called you on Friday, would you like to schedule some time to meet up for coffee?

Make sure that after you schedule it on the phone, send an email confirmation of the date, time and location. Then confirm it again the day before. It show people you’re on top of things, responsible and organized so they know what it’s like to work with you before they buy.

Another example for someone who is interested in buying:

If I sent you the link to my company site, would you have time to look at it by Thursday morning?

Great, if I called you on Thursday morning at 9:30am, would you have 5 minutes to talk by phone so I can see what you think?

NOT – “Great, I’ll call you Thursday morning.” because this will mean you’re in chase mode.

Always give specific times and short amounts of time so they know it’s not a big commitment.

Send an email confirmation afterwards since they probably didn’t put it into their phone. And remind them beforehand with:

Hey, I look forward to speaking tomorrow at 9:30am. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the website, it would be great if you could spend a few minutes doing that so that we can have a very productive conversation.

Everyone likes to feel prepared so don’t think this follow up is pushy!

Show gratitude

Thanking people is a great way to keep yourself top of mind without pushing sales. It could be in many different forms:

  • A personalized audio recording message
  • One card every month – real cards, not e-cards. Non-salesy cards. Just something that makes them smile or feel happy to remind them of you.
    • Try it – 100 clients, 6 cards each, $1.07 per card.
    • Case study total return: 72 massages booked.
    • Halloween themed cards – Taxes doesn’t have to be scary.
  • A card to say, “Thanks for being my client.”
  • Text just to say, “Wish you an amazing day.”

Allow people to be human

We often think we are competing with another company for someone’s business, but you’re often just competing with life.

When you send out an email, sometimes people don’t reply. Allow them to be human and don’t make them feel bad for forgetting about your original email.

Instead, send the exact same email again. This saves you time in writing a follow up and gives them another opportunity to read the message.

Don’t feel bad for asking again! It shows that you’re serious, driven, professional, organized. Not a flake. What are you leaving on the table by not following up the second time?

Use social media

There’s huge opportunity to use social media to connect with people as a human. Don’t just use it to push out sales messaging.

Idea: Write a special, personal Facebook direct message for people’s birthday. If you write on their wall, you’ll only get a mass thank you message, not a real conversation.

If you’re not getting any response through email, see if a Facebook message works instead.

Final tips

  • Play the numbers game – have 5-12 conversations
  • Follow up after the sale, forever!
  • Set yourself apart – get creative and have fun in your follow up
  • Let people be human – it’s not about you, don’t take it personally
  • Never leave the next interaction to chance. Use, “If I… would you…?” and always confirm meetings
  • Spend a few extra seconds to set yourself apart on social media

Follow up is so much more than just following up after a meeting, or to see what they think of something you sent out. It’s about consistently keeping yourself top of mind, and easy to find when they are ready to buy.

They might have had a great experience from you once and two years later, they want to see you again but they cannot for the life of them, remember what your name is. Stay in contact with them!

Being good at following up is ESSENTIAL to selling more for your business.

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