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Highlights of 2017

Posted on March 24, 2017

Reminding myself of how blessed my life is! Appreciate everything and be thankful for all you have.

  1. Went for Dine Out Vancouver at Chambar with my old AIESEC team
  2. Won a Hatchimal through Twitter
  3. Completed the Alpha course at Coastal Church and attended Alpha weekend by Cultus Lake
  4. Attended Festival of Hope, a free Christian music concert at Roger’s Arena
  5. Attended the Gluten Free Expo and the Wellness Expo
  6. Attended the Women in Tech event by WIL and won a free 1-week pass to Semperviva Yoga
  7. Got a standing desk at work
  8. Had a lot of half priced frappys at Starbucks
  9. Completed the Alpha course for a second time
  10. Completed Connect Course at Coastal Church and started serving
  11. Launched VCH.ca website migration and got champagne to celebrate
  12. My department at work won best IABC non-profit communications team internationally
  13. Attended CTA Conference 2017
  14. Attended MozCon in Seattle and stayed in a hostel for the first time
  15. Won a CBC swag bag
  16. Attended Hootsuite cabana fireworks event
  17. Flora’s stagette in Whistler
  18. Celebrated pride weekend
  19. Volunteered for Lululemon SeaWheeze
  20. Travelled to Macau, Hong Kong and Japan (Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Tokyo) for 3 weeks in October
  21. Attended weddings for Winnie, Flora and Tammy
  22. Closed on a condo as a first time homeowner 🙂

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