Google Think Brand: YouTube Beauty & Fashion Showcase 2014

Posted on August 1, 2014

In 2014, Google hosted ‘Brand Week’ and as part of that initiative, they had a Beauty and Fashion Showcase to introduce advertisers to Canadian beauty YouTubers. 

They wanted the event to encourage more Canadian brand advertisers to collaborate more with the YouTube community and invited me to the event to showcase the power of our creator community.

It was exciting to be asked to attend, but then they told me they would cover my flight to Toronto, hotel, provide an area for me to demonstrate t-shirt cutting AND buy t-shirts for me to cut up! I got attendees to participate in the t-shirt cutting and then let them take their new  creation home.

Digital networks like StyleHaul and CoralTV and Canadian YouTubers BeautyCakez, Gigi Gorgeous, and RachhLoves spoke on a panel during the event and gave their insight on partnering with brands.

The event was great and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to attend and show off my t-shirt cutting skills! Thanks YouTube!

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