Google Plus taking over the Internet

Posted on November 7, 2013

To everyone who thought Google+ was unsuccessful and a failed attempt to take over Facebook – it doesn’t matter what you think because Google owns the Internet! And they have a much bigger plan than just a social networking site.

1. Coming soon: Android contacts

Your G+ profile picture might start showing up on people’s phone when you call them.

2. Here now: YouTube

Everyone probably knows that G+ usernames and profiles got integrated into the YouTube sign in (I don’t even have my Salinabear branding on my YouTube channel anymore) but yesterday, they started linking G+ activity into YouTube comments. Posts, likes and shares on G+ will show up in YouTube comments (see photo) and you can’t post a comment on YouTube without connecting your G+ profile. Personally, I connected mine the first time they asked but some people have been holding off for a year or two. While people don’t like connecting their G+ account with YouTube, I like it because it will reduce the amount of trolls and hateful comments on YouTube since it’s coming from their “real” account.

3. Been here awhile: WordPress

Have you linked Jetpack to your G+ account yet? It will associate your blog with your identity. The number of G+ followers you have will be displayed in Google search results and affect how high you show up, which is a big deal. Everyone wants to show up as the #1 result on page 1 of Google, right? Then you gotta play by their rules. Start circling your friends!

To all the G+ haters: you can’t just ignore it anymore.

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