Going to NYC Museums for Free

Posted on November 12, 2016

Many museums will have admission prices listed online and on top of the cashier and it looks very official so many tourists do not question it and pay the full amount, but often, the fine print will state that it is actually “suggested general admission”.

Do not pay full price!

The concept of “pay what you want” is quite common in New York so don’t be scared – no one bats an eye on the amount you pay (even if it’s $1 dollar).

Consider before buying passes

Although I’ve never done one, I don’t recommend doing a bus tour, hop on/hop off buses or purchase those NYC passes. They make the cost sound like a great deal because it includes admission to many places, but when you realized The MET and Natural History Museum are basically free then it’s not really a good deal anymore.

Always “pay what you wish”

For a full list, check out NYCGo. The list is quite massive so I’ve curated a list of the main ones you should check out!

Weekly free admission

Many museums also have a few hours, once a week where it’s free admission so you’ll want to plan your schedule around these.





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