Trip to Texas to learn about business intelligence and analytics!

Posted on March 23, 2013

I was over the moon when I got approval at the last minute to attend Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit in Grapevine, Texas! I’m an 8 month Social Media and Digital Marketing Intern at SAP and I already had the opportunity to do some business travel for the first time!

Before the trip, I did a lot of planning and brainstorming which really helped me be more efficient at the conference. I had to make a good impression since the company was paying for me to attend!

  • How can I socialize SAP’s presence at the conference? 
  • What would be interesting to share from the conference?
  • Which social media platforms should I focus on?
  • What will I be posting?
  • What other SAP social media accounts and teams should I ask to get involved?
  • Who can I interview at the conference? What questions will I ask them?
  • Do I have all the video equipment that I need?
  • Which conference keynotes and workshops should I attend to take notes and live tweet from?

In the end, I was so happy with everything I learned, people I met and the social media engagement received!

Plus, I got to attend the Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunders NBA game in a box suite and an exclusive wine tasting dinner party. Plus, I got a ton of awesome swag!

Check out my event recap in this blog post on the SAP Community Network that received over 1200 views!

OKC Thunder shot chart

2013-03-18 19.39.49

Salina Siu Gartner BI Conference Swag

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