Fringe Crop Top Tutorial

Posted on November 20, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I was in Hawaii in September. It was my first time there and my first time trying L&L Hawaiian BBQ – oh my gosh, it was so delicious (picture below).

It’s a really common fast food / restaurant there and one of my mom’s friend owns a location there and was nice enough to give me a t-shirt!

It’s only been two months since I was there and I already miss it a lot. So I thought I’d cut up the t-shirt into a fringe crop top to get me back into the Hawaii mood!

I cut the front into an arc shape and the back into a V-shape. I made a tie at the shoulders for a cute fringe tank top look. If you want to show some belly button, you can pull the straps up higher for a high neck and crop top look! It’s made of 100% cotton and a size medium. That’s why it’s a big wide on me and gives a baggy, bohemian look.

Step 1: Unthread the bottom hem of the t-shirt

This will extend the length of the shirt so we can make the fringe as long as possible! Using a seam ripper (or scissors), rip out 4-5 stitches on the outside of the t-shirt in both the top and bottom row. You’ll find that the inside seam has unravelled. Pull it and it will easily unravel all the way around the t-shirt in one direction. The two threads on the outside will also come off easily. Don’t start ripping random threads, you’ll quickly realize that this accomplishes nothing as everything gets tangled haha.


Step 2: Mark the front and the back of the shirt of where you will want to cut

Use fabric chalk, chalkboard chalk or bar soap for markings that will wash off! I don’t recommend using a pen because it will be difficult to wash off the final product. Wear your shirt while making the markings to ensure you know how much (or how little) skin will be showing. Mark the right side and the center on the front, then take off the shirt. Lay it out on the table and draw out half the arc. Fold the shirt in half and fill in the second half of the arc to ensure the arc will be even.

For more details on this step, watch my YouTube video!cut-up-t-shirt-customize-diy-salina-siu-salinabear-how-to-hawaii-L&L-BBQ-11

Step 3: Start cutting the t-shirt into generous 1/2 inch strips to create fringe!

Once you do one or two cuts, stretch out the strip to make sure you’re happy with the size of the fringe. You can always adjust accordingly if you like a thinner or thicker look. Just be careful not to cut it too thin or you might risk ripping the fabric.

Notice that once you stretch out each strip, they will curl, hiding any imperfections so don’t worry about being cutting perfectly. When you’re cutting a straight line, always use a metal ruler so you get a polished straight line. And when you cut the other side, flip the fringe from the cut side away so you don’t accidentally snip them when you’re cutting the top.cut-up-t-shirt-customize-diy-salina-siu-salinabear-how-to-hawaii-L&L-BBQ-13

Step 4: Customize the neckline and sleeve

Since this is my Hawaii inspired shirt, I want to do a deep neckline – perfect for the beach as a coverup for my bikini. I cut 1 inch wider than the original neckline all the way around – front and back. For the sleeves, I used a seam ripper again (like the bottom hem to extend the length), then cut the sleeves into 1/2 inch wide strip of fringe as well.cut-up-t-shirt-customize-diy-salina-siu-salinabear-how-to-hawaii-L&L-BBQ-1cut-up-t-shirt-customize-diy-salina-siu-salinabear-how-to-hawaii-L&L-BBQ-14

Step 5: Cut string and tie the top of the shoulders

Using the collar we cut out, cut the excess fabric into two strips. Tie the top of the shirt at the shoulders to create a tank top look. cut-up-t-shirt-customize-diy-salina-siu-salinabear-how-to-hawaii-L&L-BBQ-1

You can wear it like this or you can pull the shirt up and back so it becomes a high neck t-shirt crop top with some belly button showing. To do this, tie the two strings to each other in back, between your shoulder blades (shown below).cut-up-t-shirt-customize-diy-salina-siu-salinabear-how-to-hawaii-L&L-BBQ-15

This fringe crop top would be great with a high waisted skirt or shorts. It’s super fun to wear if you’re going to a music festival or to the beach, or on vacation to somewhere hot! Who doesn’t want to get away from the winter weather to somewhere hot? Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s always hot!

I’ll be going to Calgary for the entire month of December and it’s funny because it’ll be even more cold than Vancouver! They had a lot of snow in October already! Eek! Any of you guys have plans to travel to somewhere hotter than Calgary for the holidays?

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cut-up-t-shirt-customize-diy-salina-siu-salinabear-how-to-hawaii-L&L-BBQ-2 copy

cut-up-t-shirt-customize-diy-salina-siu-salinabear-how-to-hawaii-L&L-BBQ-infographic 2

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