DIY Lace T-Shirt with Slant

Posted on January 2, 2014

Happy New Year’s everyone!

Today’s tutorial is on cutting out this a pattern along the bottom of any t-shirt with a slanted hem that kind of looks like lace.

Plus, I did an accented sleeve on just one side of the top with rectangular cut outs.

This is a size medium in 100% cotton called Gildan Ultra Cotton, it’s a thicker material. Did any of you used to watch He-Man, the tv show? That’s what this t-shirt design is based off of so I thought it’d be funny to contract the huge manly muscles of He-Man with some really delicate lace.

This is a good design for a t-shirt that has something printed on the front and back of the t-shirt that you don’t want to cut out or mess up, that’s why I opted to just cut the bottom of the t-shirt this time.

cut-tshirt-up-tees-salina-siu-salinabear-lace-diy-slanted-rectangles-sleeve-he-man-master-universe-11Step 1: Cut slant and separate into 4 equal parts

While wearing the t-shirt, decide how high up you want the bottom slant of the t-shirt to go. I choose to cut up to just above my hip bone and marked it with a pin.

Take off the t-shirt and cut off the bottom hem. Using a ruler, cut a straight line from the spot we just marked down to the bottom corner.

Next, separate your t-shirt into four equal parts and mark with pins.

cut-tshirt-up-tees-salina-siu-salinabear-lace-diy-slanted-rectangles-sleeve-he-man-master-universe-12Step 2: Cut out lace design all the way around

Now, you can start cutting out a design all the way around the t-shirt. You can keep it simple or make it complex.

I decided to start off with cutting slits in the shape of a triangle as the base of the design. I did five cuts about 0.5 inches apart from each other and made sure I didn’t cut too close to the triangle next to it. I started by folding the t-shirt so I could make a small snip with my scissors, then cut from the middle of the triangle to the left side. Then I turned the t-shirt around to cut the right side of the triangle.

After I finished the triangles, I wanted to add details in between so I cut a small diamond shape  in between each triangle with 3 small circles on top of the diamond. Then I added two long oval shapes to both sides of the top circle. I finished it off with a small triangle cut out at the top of each of the original triangles that I made.

Cutting out all the shapes takes patience, cutting these out took me about 20 minutes. I’m cutting into the front and back fabric at the same time to save time so I’m only cutting out the pattern 4 times on the front instead of 8 times in total. But if you want to be more careful, cut one section at a time.

Don’t forget that once you’re done cutting out the 4 designs on the front and back, you’ll need to take out the safety pins and open up the t-shirt so you can cut two additional sections on both sides of the t-shirt. You just need to do the part that is in between the main triangles, two additional times.

cut-tshirt-up-tees-salina-siu-salinabear-lace-diy-slanted-rectangles-sleeve-he-man-master-universe-13Step 3: Cut off sleeves and cut out rectangles on one side

Cut off the sleeves at the hem for a sleeveless / tank top look. Then, I decided to cut out rectangles that are 0.5 in x 1.5 in all the way around the right sleeves. And I’m cutting out the top and the back fabric at the same time to save time again. I’m cutting into two layers of fabric. Just be careful to leave enough space in between the rectangles so they don’t become too thin after you stretch out the fabric.

I figured it’d be a little too busy or too revealing if I cut both sides of the sleeves so I only cut the right side. Instead, I just cut off the neckline and created an off the shoulder look with an accent in the sleeve on one side. And again, I cut the top and bottom layer at the same time again to save time.

cut-tshirt-up-tees-salina-siu-salinabear-lace-diy-slanted-rectangles-sleeve-he-man-master-universe-2 thumbnail

This is the final look! And by the way, I have a playlist of all my t-shirt tutorials if you haven’t seen them all yet. It can be hard to find all the videos, so you can always bookmark this playlist.

Plus, if you create your own pattern for a lace cut out, I’d love to see it! Share your cut out t-shirt pictures on my Facebook Fanpage:! I want to see what you come up with and share with everyone else!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spread creativity and encourage more people to try cutting up t-shirts so that’s why I created the Facebook and Twitter account.

Let me know what your New Year’s resolutions are for 2014 in the comments below!

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