Cut up t-shirt for Christmas gift

Posted on November 13, 2014

Christmas is just around the corner and I decided to make some gifts for my friends! I designed this graphic myself, got it printed at Zazzle, and further personalized it by cutting and weaving the neckline.

Zazzle is a marketplace where you can custom design nearly anything including photo bracelets, scarves, clutches, iPhone cases, and more.

I chose the message: “Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams” because I love positive thoughts and motivational words, whether it’s a post-it on your mirror, wallpaper on your computer, or on the front of your t-shirt!

You’re the only person responsible for your happiness, so why wait? Go for whatever it is you want to do! Set lofty goals and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Create your own opportunities. Who says you can’t be living your dreams today? Go for it!

Step 1: Design + Print Your T-Shirt

If you want to print the same t-shirt as me, you can buy the t-shirt on Zazzle. Use the promo code: REELIOZAZZLE at


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Mine is American Apparel in a size small, color raspberry. But Zazzle allows you to choose different t-shirt brands or colors to print on.

Cut Up Both Sides of T-Shirt Neckline

Step 2: Cut the neckline

Please note that this tutorial works best on fitted t-shirts. If the t-shirt is too loose, it may end up fall off your shoulders, etc.

First, cut a new neckline:

  1. 1.5 inch wider on both sides, close to the shoulder seam
  2. Deep cut in the front (I’m cutting to halfway between the collar and the graphic)
  3. Shallow cut in the back
  4. Keep the scraps, you’ll need it as string later

Step 3: Cut + Weave

Now we need to start cutting horizontal lines, which we will weave later.

  1. Starting at the bottom of the armpit, cut small lines
  2. Slowly increase the width until the left and right side meet in the middle but don’t cut it too close where they meet in the middle, you will need space to cut a hole in the center in the next step
  3. Curve the lines up the side of the shoulder
  4. Stretch out the fabric you’ve cut
  5. Weave each side of the cuts now – for detailed instructions on weaving, watch my t-shirt weaving 101 animation video!

Cut Up Both Sides of T-Shirt Neckline

Step 4: Add string for halter top

  1. Using scrap fabric you cut off from the collar, cut a long strip of fabric as string
  2. Stretch out the fabric to make the edges curl up
  3. Poke a hole in the center of the design
  4. Thread the string through the hole
  5. Tie the ends together around the back of your neck

What do you guys think of my present? Would you try making your own Christmas gifts at Zazzle? If you do, I’d love to see them!

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