Chopped off my hair!

Posted on January 21, 2014

I’ve never been very attached to my hair, so when I was in the hands of an award-winning professional, I told him to chop it all off and I love how it turned out!

Salon Haze opened in May 2013 in the heart of Kitsilano at 2996 West Broadway. They’re a full service hair salon incorporating the latest trends in hair with cutting edge techniques  – that I can attest to!


I knew my hair was in excellent hands when Tim Kuo, co-owner and BC Hairstylist of the Year 2013, started taking a look at my hair. I told him I wasn’t afraid to go short and let him decide everything else! I had one second of fear and doubt cross my mind when I watched him chop off my entire ponytail but that went away when he started washing my hair and massaging my head – which felt amazing!

Throughout the process, Tim taught me a lot about my hair and answered all my burning hair questions I’ve always wondered about, including:

Q: I have baby hairs that stick out on the spot where I part my bangs. Will they ever go away? 

A: If they’ve always been there, then they’ll probably always be baby hairs. Unless you recently broke those hairs. Once you come out of the shower, blowdry your bangs right away – don’t let them air dry or the baby hairs will separate and stick out. If they’re being stubborn, use a tiny bit of styling clay on your fingers to make them stick to the rest of your bangs.

Q: Is it normal that I shed a ton of hair all the time? You should see my bathroom floor, it’s gross. 

A: It’s normal for people to lose 50-100 hairs everyday and if you wash your hair every other day or less, it will seem like more because two or three days worth of hair is coming out. And for such long hair, it will look like even more.

Q: I always thought I had oily hair, but you’re saying it’s dry? 

A: It can be both naturally more oily, like how skin types are different but dry from damage near the ends. You should use conditioner in the shower, plus a leave-in conditioner spray afterwards to nourish it.

Q: I’ve been trying to train my hair to be less oily by washing less since a month ago, but I’m not sure if it’s working. Can oily type hair be trained?

A: It takes a lot longer than a month to train your hair so keep going and don’t give up. Any type of hair can be trained to produce less oil. Try using dry shampoo in between washes to help soak up oil and keep your hair looking fresh for an extra day.

I was amazed from watching Tim’s technique when he was cutting my hair. I felt like I was watching a bartender doing bottle tricks as Tim has his scissors and comb flipping through his fingers after each snip – back and forth, back and forth. He was meticulous, he would check, double check and triple check the length of each strand.

He took his time, asking if I liked the length of my bangs twice and even after we were done the haircut, he decided the bangs might bother my eyes and went back to cut some more. So even after I said it looked good, he didn’t just move on and leave it at that – he wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect!

It was no surprise to me that Tim Kuo has won a ton of awards for haircutting after seeing his skills. Over his 7 years of experience, some of the highlights include:

  • 2013 Canadian Hairdresser Advant Garde Hairstylist
  • 2013 Contessa BC Hairstylist of the year
  • 2013 Contessa Canadian Colorist of the year Finalist
  • 2012 Revlon Professional StyleMasters Canadian Winner
  • 2012 Contessa Men’s Hairstylist of the year Finalist
  • 2012 Contessa BC Hairstylist of the year Semi-Finalist
  • 2011 Revlon Professional StyleMasters Canadian Winner
  • 2010 Contessa Men’s Hairstylist of the year Semi-Finalist
  • 2009 Vancouver ABA Men’s Fashion Cut & Style 1st place
  • 2009 Vancouver ABA Women’s Fashion Cut & Style 1st place

salon-haze-hair-studio-vancouver-broadway-kitsilano-haircut-best-hair-review-tim-kuo-1My hair turned out awesome and I love how blunt and modern the ends are. Makes my hair feel so much fuller and healthier. I also think this look makes me look more grown up! Here’s my instagram of the back of my head:

The space at Salon Haze was simplistic, modern, and upscale. They carry a lot of different salon exclusive products on the wall, right when you walk in and offer granola bars in the waiting area! You can see what the space looks like in the images below, as well as pricing for their hair colouring services. This was one of the best hair experience I’ve had and I would definitely recommend Tim Kuo and Salon Haze to anyone who’s thinking about getting their hair done!

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