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Posted on December 16, 2013

During the holiday season, it’s so hard not to indulge bad eating habits! Who else has this problem? There are so many family dinners, parties and when I spend all day in the mall doing Christmas shopping, I end up eating fast food. So bad, I know. And I’ve definitely been overeating. My guilty pleasure is chips and dip – if I’m at a party and there’s chip and dip on the table. I will stand next to that table all night, I can’t stop myself!

I really need to get back into the swing of working out so I took this oversized large t-shirt from Calgary Sport & Social Club and added an asymmetrical checkered neckline and cut the sides to tie it tighter and add some shape. It’s a Gildan Ultra Cotton size large made of 100% cotton.


Step 1: Cut the sides and double knot to create a bottom band

It’s up to you how far up you cut, I chose to cut all the way up to my waist line to show you guys what it would look like to cut really far up but you guys can choose to cut only up 4 inches or so. The less you cut, the less skin will show.

While you’re at it, cut the sleeves and neckline off. Since it’s an oversized t-shirt, you don’t want to make the sleeves or collar any bigger than they have to be so just follow along the seams.

Then, put the t-shirt on and then tie the side tabs together by double knotting.


Step 2: Use a piece of string and tie the back to create a waistline

Using the sleeve we cut off earlier, cut a 1/2 inch piece of fabric to use as string. String the string through the two armpit holes and tie a double knot to secure it. You can rotate the string so the knot hides inside the shirt so it’s  not as noticeable.


Step 3: Cut squares into the sleeve

While wearing the t-shirt, figure out the area you want to cut. Mark the lowest point with a pin because you don’t want to cut too low and expose too much. Now, take off the t-shirt and un-tie the string from step 2 so that the t-shirt can lay flat on the table.

Above the spot you pinned, pinch some fabric to fold a straight line and cut half squares along the fold. Cut a 1 inch wide square, then leave 1/2 inch space before the next 1 inch square. I found it more efficient to cut all the sides before cutting along the top of the square.

Continue this until you finish cutting rows of square to cover the whole area. For me, this was 4 rows. Then I customized the squares that were next to the collar by cutting slanted sides to match the slant of the neckline. I also started cleaning up the edges of all the squares to make it look neat.

And that’s all the steps!


I have exciting news, I’m starting up a Twitter and Facebook community for cut up t-shirts! From photos and tutorials to questions and collaborations between fans, I want to create a resource for all things to do about cut up tees!

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Hope to see you guys participate in the new community! And hope you liked this week’s cut t-shirt design!

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  1. Julia Frederiksen Hargett January 20, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Pretty awesome easy upscale to old T thanks I’ll find you on FB

  2. @CalgarySSC December 18, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    Unreal! We love it! Folks, check this video out. MT @salinasiu “I cut up my @CalgarySSC t-shirt!

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