Oregano oil bottle with label and oregano herb bunch

Oil of Oregano – Why use it & how to use it

I’ve been researching on Amazon to find a bottle of oil of oregano to try since many people I know recommend it to fight off the beginning signs of sickness. Continue Reading →

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9 ways to manage your time better and be more efficient

When you really think about it – time is the only commodity that matters. There’s no way to get more time, or get time back. Learn how to manage your time better and you could have a happier, less stressful life! Here are some tips to help.  Continue Reading →


CTA Conference 2017 – What I learned

This was my first time attending CTA (Call to Action) Conference and it was such a great experience! I’ve attended many conference and even planned my own and I can honestly say this was a great, well-organized, high quality content conference. Continue Reading →


9 LinkedIn tips you’re not doing

Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, it’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated and fresh. You never know when an opportunity could come to you because of it!  Continue Reading →

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Increase sales for your business

For most businesses, there’s constant pressure to bring in more clients, increase sales and make more money. It’s hard to find time, know how or do it effectively. When people hear the word sales, they usually have a negative feeling, but getting more business can be non-pushy! Continue Reading →

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How to have a successful blog

Do you have a blog or you’re thinking of starting a blog? Here are some concepts and tips to know! Continue Reading →

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What’s a pension plan?

So I just started a new job this year which has been wonderful! And then I received a large envelope the mail which turned out to be my pension plan package! I’m feeling very grown up even though I had no idea what a pension plan was or how it works!  Continue Reading →

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Learn Digital Marketing 101

I recently attended a Red Academy workshop on Digital Marketing, which was very interesting! Here’s a recap of what I learned. Continue Reading →

Marketing Cloud Webcast: Gary Vaynerchuk, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook-webinar

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – @GaryVee Webinar

So glad I signed up for Gary Vaynerchuk’s live webinar a while back and I’m thankful for the email reminder because I didn’t add it to my calendar!

It was fast-paced boxing match between @garyvee and Marketing Cloud host, @djwaldow as they bounced social media ideas and questions back and forth. They both had so much energy and so much insight to add to the conversation, it was hard to keep up! Good thing, everyone hashtagged the best nuggets of information so I could put it all together into a Storify recap. Hurray for Twitter!
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#PBUYVR ft. Samantha Sheffield from NATIONAL Public Relations

On November 21, 2013, Parent Bloggers Unite hosted their fourth meetup event at Brentwood Town Centre featuring Samantha Sheffield from NATIONAL Public Relations, who shared how to build relationships between international PR firms and bloggers when it comest to outreach campaigns.

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Connecting Businesses, Brands and Writers: PR Panel

As traditional and new media continue to merge in the online world of marketing and PR, new opportunities for businesses and brands to connect with bloggers and vloggers are opening up.  Continue Reading →


How To Ask For And Get The Career You Want By Carrie Gallant

When you’re looking for career opportunities to advance your life, you can’t be afraid to promote yourself or avoid selling yourself. Don’t sit on the sidelines while you watch other people going and getting the career they want. Carrie Gallant (@GallantLeader) shows us what happens when you’re not advocating for yourself at mSummit Conference on November 16, 2013.

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How To Sell Like A Girl By Shannon Ward

It’s too bad that sales has a negative connotation for most people. Women don’t want to identify with being a “hunter” or sleazy. But Shannon Ward (@pretirementlife) LOVES sales and tells us why at mSummit Conference on November 16, 2013. Shannon also shares tips on how to be a great salesperson and how to have a new perspective on sales. Continue Reading →


Organization Tools To Improve Productivity By Linda Chu

If you’re losing the never-ending battle against paper and clutter at work and at home, don’t lose hope. For those with shoeboxes of receipts and thousands of unread emails, Linda Chu (@OutOfChaos) provided some great organizational tools, tricks and tips to help increase productivity at mSummit Conference on November 16, 2013! Reclaim your workspace and put order back into your busy schedule with my key takeaways from the session. Continue Reading →


Insights For Networking With Intention By Cathy Kuzel

Your mom may have said, “Don’t talk to strangers,” but strangers are only people you haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet!

Whether for business or personal interest, networking plays a significant role in everyone’s lives. Looking for an Angel Investor, a new ski buddy or the next best shoe sale? Your network of friends, business associates and contacts are where you’ll find it. Cathy Kuzel (@ConnectedWoman) shared her techniques to network efficiently at mSummit Conference on November 16, 2013.

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#YVRBloggers: Video Blogging and PR Panel

YVR Bloggers, a monthly networking opportunity for local Vancouver bloggers to get together and learn something new, featured video blogging and a PR panel for this month’s event on November 14, 2013, hosted at CoLabs in downtown Vancouver. Watch the entire event recording!

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mSummit Conference in Vancouver is Reinventing “Mom”

Founded by moms for working moms, Reinventing M Network hosted the third annual mSummit conference, featuring insightful career, financial and lifestyle workshops throughout the day. Designed to help mothers create meaningful connections and learn from experts, the conference encourages the reinvention of mom and what it means to be a successful mompreneur. Continue Reading →


Google Plus taking over the Internet

To everyone who thought Google+ was unsuccessful and a failed attempt to take over Facebook – it doesn’t matter what you think because Google owns the Internet! And they have a much bigger plan than just a social networking site. Continue Reading →