Running for Chief Funster in the Best Jobs in the World competition

In 2013, Tourism Australia’s hosted the ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition. 34,000 people from 197 countries applied for six amazing jobs. Continue Reading →

2015 year with colored neon lights effect

Highlights of my life – 2015

Looking back at my experiences of the year. Humbled and grateful for everything. Continue Reading →

retirement concept

What’s a pension plan?

So I just started a new job this year which has been wonderful! And then I received a large envelope the mail which turned out to be my pension plan package! I’m feeling very grown up even though I had no idea what a pension plan was or how it works!  Continue Reading →

Overhead View Of Businesswoman Working At Computer In Office

Learn Digital Marketing 101

I recently attended a Red Academy workshop on Digital Marketing, which was very interesting! Here’s a recap of what I learned. Continue Reading →

Mooncats Cashmere Scarf Review

20% off code below!

Recently, reached out to me to see if I wanted to check out their scarves for review. I immediately fell in love with the colours and I’ve never owned anything cashmere, so I told them yes! Continue Reading →


YouTube Space in NY

Such a cool space, so glad I got a chance to hang out here for YouTube events! Check out the hashtag #YouTubeNY on Twitter.  Continue Reading →


Ultimate Beauty Tour with Samer Khouzami

Ina Mander and Mindy Bansal are award-winning makeup and hair artists and founders of Girlfriendz Studio 7. In addition to making women feel beautiful, their mission is also to bring the makeup artist community together to inspire, network, and collaborate with each other. Continue Reading →


Get Hired – Tips For Your Resume

I love looking and editing resumes because they can be so good, or so bad. And I love making things clear and concise, which is the biggest challenge of resumes. And I believe they are always a work-in-progress. Every time I look at my own resume, there’s a new word I want to replace, or phrase I want to re-write, and I think, why did I not notice this before?! Continue Reading →


Pork Perfection Cooking Class

I had the pleasure of attending the Angie Quaale’s “Pork Perfection” Cooking Class at Well Seasoned on Sunday, Novemeber 30, 2014. We learned how to cook pork in four different ways, provided by Johnston’s Pork meaning it all came from happy hogs from 17 local family-owned farms in the Fraser Valley. Everything was delicious and Angie even shared the recipes so click to download here!

Continue Reading →

Cut up t-shirt for Christmas gift

Christmas is just around the corner and I decided to make some gifts for my friends! I designed this graphic myself, got it printed at Zazzle, and further personalized it by cutting and weaving the neckline. Continue Reading →

Saved by the Bell Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming up so soon and I needed a quick costume! So I printed this sweatshirt at with the Bayside Tigers logo that I found through Google Image search. Can you tell who I’m going as? Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell!! One of my favourite shows growing up! Continue Reading →


My AIESEC Internship in New York!

Thought I’d share some my experience in moving abroad to work in New York for 6 months in 2014!  Continue Reading →


imPress Press-On Manicure Review

Thanks for Influenster, I get to try out these Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails in two designs, with 24 press-on nails in each package. At $6.99-$8.99 a pop in stores, getting two professional applications is not bad for the price! Continue Reading →


Google Think Brand: YouTube Beauty & Fashion Showcase 2014

In 2014, Google hosted ‘Brand Week’ and as part of that initiative, they had a Beauty and Fashion Showcase to introduce advertisers to Canadian beauty YouTubers.  Continue Reading →

Dress Link Clothing Review

So Dresslink reached out to me and offered $20 for me to try out the clothes on their website. Surprisingly, $20 went a long way because everything is so cheap. Continue Reading →

Jiffy Shirts Haul

I just received a huge haul from Jiffy Shirts. They sell blank t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, etc. on their website for wholesale for printing. Continue Reading → and Haul Review

Rose Gal gave me $30 USD and SammyDress gave me $15 USD to go shopping and review their products. Watch my video to see how the items ended up looking in real life. Continue Reading →


Featured in the Province Newspaper

Exciting to be featured in an article showcasing all the big YouTube stars in Vancouver! Continue Reading →



Errr, what, me? Moving to New York City, all by myself? I don’t know if I can handle it… I think most people would jump at the chance to move to New York, but for me it came with a lot of hesitation and anxiety. I’ve never been an adventure seeker and never considered moving anywhere outside of Vancouver for most of my life so the idea of leaving my friends, family, possessions, and everything I’m accustomed to was scary. I was scared to accept the job offer, but equally scared to miss out on this opportunity. But with the support and encouragement from the people I loved, of course I said yes! Continue Reading →

How to Shop on SammyDress, Rose Wholesale, RoseGal, and Vintage Buying

If you’ve fallen in love with the prices on websites like SammyDressRoseWholesale, and RoseGal, you’re not the only one! Both of these websites feature super cute and trendy clothes for dirt cheap prices. Continue Reading →