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AIESEC SFU won the Communications Award

Posted on September 9, 2012

Everybody strives to be in the spotlight, but not everyone receives it or is worthy of it. So don’t do things because you expect to be recognized for it. Just be the best you can be and that’s all you can do!

Strive to be worthy of recognition, not just to be recognized.

For my term as VP Communications for AIESEC SFU in 2011-2012, our communications portfolio was awarded the AIESEC Canada Communications Excellence Award for having the best communications initiatives and results out of 27 other AIESEC chapters across Canada.

Our highlights

  • Received 13 media appearances
  • 156% increase in new likes for the AIESEC SFU Facebook page from 129 to 539 likes
  • 2,080 Facebook post likes and comments
  • 204,442 Facebook post views
  • Twitter followers increase from <100 to 643
  • AIESEC SFU blog received 3,673 unique visitors, which equals to 10,290 pageviews
  • Heavily promoted Twitter hashtag campaign and got #AIESECDAY trending in Vancouver
  • During the AIESEC SFU Presidential Election, @AIESECsfu and sole candidate, @BuizaChristina were trending on Twitter in Vancouver


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