How To Ask For And Get The Career You Want By Carrie Gallant

Posted on November 19, 2013

When you’re looking for career opportunities to advance your life, you can’t be afraid to promote yourself or avoid selling yourself. Don’t sit on the sidelines while you watch other people going and getting the career they want. Carrie Gallant (@GallantLeader) shows us what happens when you’re not advocating for yourself at mSummit Conference on November 16, 2013.

On average, women are earning 78 cents per dollar that men earn.

Why does this gender pay gap exist?

  • While 51% of men negotiate pay in a job offer, women are 4 times less likely than men to negotiate, meaning only 1 in 8 women will negotiate their worth.
  • Studies show, those who negotiate get an average of an additional $5,000 in their salary.
    • If the original salary offered was $50,000, that’s a 10% increase. Over 40 years, with regular 5% increase every year, the person who negotiated will have earned an additional $634,000!
    • For bigger salary points, the difference is even more astounding. Say the starting point was $100k and it was negotiated up 10% to $110k, in 40 years, they will have over one million dollars more! One year, would be an additional $6k and in 5 years, an additional $27k.
  • When asked what aspects of their job is the most important, women place money in their top 5 choices. For men, money is their top first or second choice.
  • Women are more nervous and feel anxious

What happens when you’re not advocating yourself?

Job dissatisfaction, feeling like your job is stalled and not moving ahead.

Here are the 3 secret to asking for and getting what you want:

  1. Know what you want and why you want it
  2. Know your value and know you are worth it
  3. Know what they value – Is what you’re asking for match up with what they want? Build a bridge to connect the values of both sides.

So, what actions will you take to get what you want?

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