9 LinkedIn tips you’re not doing

Posted on November 6, 2016

Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, it’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated and fresh. You never know when an opportunity could come to you because of it! 

LinkedIn Tips

1. Endorse the people who endorse you

Return the favor! It’s a quick and easy way to thank your friend.

2. Get a recommendation for every job

Two recommendations per job is ideal since your profile will show two per job as a default.

3. Engage daily

Log into LinkedIn daily and take an action every time you do so. Be active and show up in other people’s timeline to stay top of mind.

  • Post status updates, share articles – The more you update, the more you show up on feeds
  • Hit ‘like’ on other people’s posts – It doesn’t cost you anything, it doesn’t take much time and they will think of you when they see your name on their post.
  • Comment on other people’s status’
  • Accept/decline friend requests
  • Reply messages
  • Update your profile
  • Join groups
  • Post/engage in groups

4. Don’t be scared to provide your job details

Some people want to keep these details private but if you want to be headhunted, impress companies you’re applying at or you want to build your network, you need to share what you’ve done!

5. Make it easy to read

It’s hard to read super formal text (snore), keep things simple and short. People tend to cram as many fancy and long words as they can into their resume/LinkedIn, stand out by not doing that.

6. Profile picture

Make sure your profile picture is a clear image of your face that’s professional and shows a bit of your personality! Bright colours stand out in search results and are more memorable for people (Ex. “That applicant with the yellow shirt”).

7. Make sure you have the right keywords

Headhunters will search LinkedIn based on keywords so make sure you have the words in your profile. Keywords could be based on your current or hopeful profession and industry. Also, include keywords from job titles and skills.

8. Write a personalized message

Reach out to people you want to connect with by writing a personalized message. These days, people mostly get mass messages or spam in their LinkedIn that personalized messages will stand out.

9. Cross promote on your other social media channels

Ask your network on other social media platforms to add you on LinkedIn to grow your reach. Share the link to your LinkedIn profile once in a while and make sure it’s on your personal website (if you have one).

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